Fire Protection Design St. Louis

Our design team works closely with the men in the field to ensure the accuracy of the plans, the ease of the installation, and the integrity of the fire protection system installed. We maintain a current library of all the national standards and codes, and compliance with the fire code is never a problem.

Gateway Fire Protection provides a variety of fire protection services, including inspections, fire protection equipment. We also know how to work with you to create fire protection designs.

Fire Protection Estimating and Design Services

We provide the following services in Fire Protection Design

  • Analyze bid documents and specifications to provide the most competitive and complete estimations
  • Hydraulically calculate and design fire sprinkler systems
  • Coordinate carefully with other trades to ensure the ideal installation of the sprinkler system
  • Obtain the appropriate approvals and permits from the local Authority Having Jurisdiction
  • Provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to system design while in accordance with NFPA and the local AHJ
  • Prepare high-quality and complete fire sprinkler plans
  • Building surveys
  • Prepare stocklists
  • Size Fire Pumps
  • HydraCad, AutoCad, and 3D capable
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Gateway Fire Protection Services

Fire Protection Building Design

Full estimation, design, and installation of fire protection systems for buildings.

Fire Safety Building Inspections

Inspections, testing, and maintenance of all fire sprinkler systems, backflows, and fire pumps.

Fire Safety Equipment

We provide all your building safety needs, including emergency exit Signage, fire hose Cabinets, fire alarms, and fire extinguisher cabinets.

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